Up All Night
2023-03-01 00:55:39 (UTC)

Tuesday Dinner and So On

Had hamburgers for dinner tonight. I ate too much. With the way I've been eating I doubt I've lost anymore weight. Tomorrow I'm having salad for lunch and dinner.

Spent part of today filling out papers for Social Security. My nurse stopped by around 5:30 to give me my breathing meds by IV. Been on Amazon and some other sites looking at stuff I want.

I've been ordering groceries from Walmart. Their prices are better than the grocery store I usually go to on a lot of things. Everything is so exspensive.

I need to go through my clothes and sort out what fits ... The capris I'm wearing right now are too big. I think that's how most of it will fit except for the joggers I bought recently.

I instantly felt better after I recieved my IV medicine today. It's Prolastin C.

I'm drinking a diet cola. Can't think of anything to write about for now.