Up All Night
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2023-02-27 20:26:33 (UTC)


Today was pay day ... I ordered groceries. Bought salad ingredients, shampoo, a lipstick, potatoes and some sides to go with my groceries that're coming the 2nd or 3rd ... bought diet cola too.

The people in my neighborhood, including the corner store, all call me a nut because I've bummed cigarettes. Quit smoking for years ... over 10 years. Still trying not to smoke. Sometimes I want to smoke when I feel stressed. Really unhealthy habit. Ruined my lungs ...

I had a dizzy spell and what I guess was an anxiety attack when I was putting groceries away. Weird feeling ... I rarely have anxiety. It was a panic attack. My Disability review and another one or two interviews are coming up and I'm a little worried. I am definitely disabled and still need it.

There's people who don't want to see me in public. Tough luck. As long as I have my Civil Rights, I am going to go about my life normally as I can with this illness. I'm not going to get locked away.

Bought Cuties oranges and some bananas. The Cuties are so good.

Might write later ...

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