Dream Scribe

2023-02-27 05:48:00 (UTC)

Two Texts :: My Phone To Hers.

And WHO guards the guards, I pray???

Text One -
"I was sold to a pedophile ring in ******** shortly after my sixth birthday. I can't keep this shit inside me anymore...They -two females- performed a ritual on me by hacking my hair off with a butcher knife that was sharpened in front of me. I was eight newly baptized. The ritual they performed was to only make me attractive to creeps, perverts, pedophiles and korophiles well into adulthood. It has happened. I'm still attracting creeps. My immediate neighborhood holds a dozen. The pedophile ring I was sold to was where the Satanist used me and nearly killed me. Jesus was there ***. I was barely 7. I'm so broken and fucked up but at least I'm clean and sober at long last. No drug in my body. Every fucked up broken thing in my body and soul, my spirit, my head, my heart is now competing for my attention."

Text Two -
"I should've died long ago. I'm grateful to God for preserving my life."

Now you KEEP ON protecting her and them. I've never told her/them this before. It's my right to protect them by not letting them know. I overlooked the fact that it is their right TO KNOW BECAUSE I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE BROKEN BY THESE MONSTERS. At least they weren't broken to the same level I was, so I consider my job well done. She knows the most but don't think for a moment she's going to keep this to herself. She knows how to do this.

So now YOU KNOW TOWNSPEOPLE OF FUCKEN T* A***UTU. Now leave me the fuck alone. I got enough shit to deal with without YOU ADDING YOUR SELFISH BULLSHIT TO MY ALREADY LOADED DOWN SOUL. YOU ARE THE MOST INCREDIBLY UNFEELING PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE OF NEW ZEALAND. I WISH YOU WERE IN THE FLOODS INSTEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE. Your harm has cost me my health. Your day of eternal retribution is yet to come...I promise you that.
May God have mercy on every soul that has ever harmed me in this town.