Slowly descending into madness
2023-02-27 04:20:11 (UTC)

Scars on mental health

The person I claimed I loved for 2 years, I have plain disgust for him. It's not hate. It's not love. It's not anger. It's just plain disgust. The more I dig the more I find out stuff I wish I did not the more I want to die.

The thing Tazim was, he was a completely different person after 6 months of breaking up. The person I loved, he was dead. And with Akash, it’s terrible as fuck cause the person he showed me he was, never existed in the first place. If I'm not wrong, he did this with plenty of girls. And I'm sure, in all narratives he's the victim. The other girls are the bad ones. They are the manipulative ones.

Anyone who is reading this: here's a life tip from someone who pretty much saw a lot of shit in her life, don't believe someone whose stories are all about him being victim. All of us have been villain at some point in our life. The best we could do is accept it, find what's wrong, correct it, and move on. If not, apologize. We’re not perfect. No one is born to be perfect.

Anyway, back to Akash. The more I find out, the more disgusted I am. The softness I have for everyone, I don’t have anything left for him. His life is going to burn itself anytime soon. I'll be there to watch with popcorn. He scarred me like no one did. If scars on mental health were visible, I think I'd be hospitalized long time ago.