Point Blank

Bee Mine
2023-02-25 08:38:34 (UTC)

2 Bee Or Not 2 Bee

I fail to see others circumstances. I fail to see all the potential reasons, beesides my own, to do things. I judge people when I don't have the right to and even still find ways to use their potential opinions against me. Bee it karma to both sides.

So what if he's quiet? He might just not trigger me. He might just cultivate me. I might for a brief time bee engulfed by my own dreams... 😶‍🌫️but only if/when I'm ready. (Happiness cant bee forced) I am my father granting blessings. Opportunity, none the less.

I stared out over the city of lights while wrapped in his arms. I stared out puzzled by how I was gonna let myself love someone who might someday not love me.... or worse someone who might never love me to start. My intuition knows no bounds! I have to remind myself often that whatever choice I make in the moment is for good reason. Sure, optimism does handicap a mind the way logic handicaps a heart. But like two snakes they wrestle. Elusive necks. Urgency, the ill intent.

My intuition told me before we were to meet that I needed a grand gesture at the door (i didnt understand why). I needed something beneficial to offset any tragedy im finding. ✅️Laugh all the way to the bank. Finally, I found a healthy reason to bee selfish.
Insane to realize that selfishness can bee good for all parties when you do it right. Who ever knew?

It really got me thinking deep about my romantic view of relationships. I figured they must be equally beneficial. Equally embarrassing too. And success, not reliant of eachother.. partnership, an added benefit.

Its so bizarre to find the key on the other side of a door not meant to open. Guess I gotta lock this bitch if it proves hopeless. 🤷‍♀️ Then throw away the key. But then again, that's just me.