Life of secrets
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2023-02-25 14:02:43 (UTC)


What has happened over the last few days, I am sure you wouldn’t even be able to make it up.

So buying the property was going so well, right? We were a few weeks from signing the contracts. Our lender had offered us the mortgage, we were days from signing the mortgage deed…. When suddenly they withdraw the offer temporarily. I found out it’s due to an audit. Then on Thursday, my husband gets fired.

It literally went from bad to worse within days.

A friend of ours on turned up at the door on Friday morning, unexpected. He had actually married us (he’s from our church) and helped us a lot when we were having issues in our marriage. He said he had been down the road and thought to pass by. Funny that? We needed him at that moment.

He advised I call the bank and find out what’s happening with the offer. So I did. I called the mortgage department for an update and they told me the offer had been sent to me. There was no mention of it being withdrawn, which leads me to believe they just said that as it’s an audit within the bank- nothing to do with us. Then I was told it had gone to head office for the audit. I acted stupid and asked why? I was told a certain amount of audits are made per year and it’s relatively normal. But will take around 9 working days. We are currently on 5.

I kind of felt a bit relieved after that. Perhaps they won’t find anything wrong. If they do, I don’t know what we will do now that my husband doesn’t have a job.

I had a reading with D on Thursday morning - she’s a top psychic. She did not mention my husband losing his job but she did say there would be difficulties with the mortgage but only a matter of days. And then it sorts itself out and she said we do buy the house if that’s the one we want. So him losing his job may not mess things up as much as we think.

Since we have gone past the initial employment checks, maybe we can get through this.

I wonder why life is so damn hard sometimes. Having a baby has been almost impossible. And now getting house seems to be the same.