Amber's ramblings
2023-02-24 20:17:49 (UTC)


I got one message from him last night. Saying he's trying to do the right thing by staying away from me. I don't understand how that's helping. But then again maybe it is for the best. I can't walk away from him.

Spent a nice evening with mum and dad. Dad's still ill and I'm worried about him. Mum said he'll be fine. We chatted and had some laughs it was really good. I could have stayed there all night talking. Their place feels like home. I hope dad's ok.

I'm cooking for them tomorrow. I can only cook pasta bake but they loved it last week. So I'm doing it again for them. They have done so much for me. The emotional support and the practical advice. I can never do enough for them. And as dad can't cook it would be nice to give mum the night off. I can't do much but this is one thing I can do for them. Makes me feel a little less useless.

I wish I could shut the voices off. They are so loud tonight.