Evolving marriage
2023-02-24 17:45:59 (UTC)

Snow Day

Dear Diary,
Good morning, its almost 11am and Im in bed still, but have been up since 8:30. Its bright outside, as everything is white with snow. So its so reflective and bright, which I love, but its also so cold, even with the heat on in the house and dressed warm, you can feel it still somewhat in your bones its cold outside.

I think my sinuses are messing with me, draining when I sleep so gotta do the neti pot today with salt water and clean them out, I should feel better, it always seems to take care of that.

I was all about the stuff I was learning yesterday, way into it and did some writing, some sharing with my husband and friends, waiting on a book I ordered. Etc

Got my period this wk, so its been no sex all wk. I know my husband misses it but he is a patient and kind in that realm. So we will make up for that this wknd Im sure, once hes off work, we have all wknd! Its cold and snow outside, Im going to see if he wants to go to dinner tonight, and then we can have an edible, come home and have our own sexy celebrating.

I do look forward to that , that letting loose and overwhelming pleasure with him. The music, the dim lights, swaying up against him.

I went to Costco this wk before the storm hit and got all the good snacks, so we can just camp out at home, although I think we need some cookies! I can run to local store for that.

I have to get out today and shovel the edge of the driveway and walkways, think we get a one day or 2 break from snow, but we have more coming. Bummer as it was almost all melted day before it started again. It is beautiful to look out the windows though.

I have so much to do around here, chores, cleaning maintenance. Not that anything is terrible, but things need a thorough cleaning.

I did the bathroom the other day, all of it except the floor.

I finally put away the tree yesterday too! Ha, but we were gone all of Jan. TOok all that to the garage last night during the break in the snow. So all my shelves and nic nacks and things in most of my rooms need a dusting, I need to re arrange things for all the new big plants I got and where to put them. Was so happy to get big plants at Costco finally!

Really I need the house to be more in order to my liking again, the kitchen top to bottom cleaned up and do some winter baking to keep the house more warm, I like using the oven for dishes in cold weather makes it cozy but the kitchen needs to be picked up better for me to feel good in it. ANd the dining room! I need a once over on that too. Living room I keep pretty tidy at all times as its used mostly. I did that yesterday, vacuumed, got the tree out, moved some things around, set up plants after I read about how much sunlight each one needs.

I just want to languish in comfort this wknd,, be sexy and all over my husband eat good food. Laugh

Just the simple things