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My Diary
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2023-02-24 03:23:29 (UTC)

Present situation

There is a small cut on my finger. I don't know how it happened. It just happened. It's life and it is all right.
Summer has come. I am not wearing any sweaters outside. So yeah, finally I am supper happy. But in my home, I am under the blanket because my husband is a polar bear. He is habituated to cold weather. He grew up in a cold climate while I am the opposite. Now he is enjoying AC and I am under the blanket.
I got my period today. I am not in pain but my mood is like: I can murder someone. You can understand who is my target. Here, I am feeling insomniac. My husband is sleeping peacefully beside me. It is hard to tolerate. I mean, it's okay if it is 4:00 AM. You should not sleep in this way while your wife is awake. He is an idiot. Anyway, it is also life. Let him be an idiot. I have very intelligent brain cells. Maybe I can invent something new in this sleepless night and become a part of future history. And when I will be asked by others, I will say, "My husband never disturbed me and slept peacefully at night. That is why I was able to invent this thing for mankind." After all, I have a big heart.