Amber's ramblings
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2023-02-23 22:32:33 (UTC)


Went to the doctor today mum came with me. I got more sleeping pills. I'm trying not to take them.

Not heard anything from him again today. He's making it pretty clear how much he thinks of me. He never leaves my mind yet I'm not on his at all.

I'm still pretty much up and down. I hate having EUPD it's a nightmare. And I feel like I bring people down. And they don't want to be around me. The doctor was talking about mum he asked how much time I spend with her. I said I try not to spend too much time because I feel like a burden. He said it doesn't matter how many times you're told you're not you still believe it. And he's right. I wish I could get it out of my head. Most of the problems I'm having are because of the voices in my head. And they're getting worse. The medication I'm on aren't making them stop. I need a break from myself. I need to get out of my head but there's no escape.