Never Broken
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2023-02-23 18:45:42 (UTC)

Food fights and PTSD?

I know one would think those two topics could not be related. Alas, they in fact, are very related in my mind.

Three years ago on Valentine’s Day, I was attacked by a dog. It was a brutal attack that caused me to spend one month in hospital that included 3 surgeries and 10 different antibiotics plus skin grafts on an outpatient basis. After that, my confidence of course was shattered. I changed a lot about the way I train dogs and which kinds of dogs I train. Where I used to jump right in to a situation with an aggressive canine, I will no longer do this. I am physically unable to do it.

After this attack in 2020, I dealt with a personal dog with severe, sudden aggression issues. This would take too long to discuss in detail, but the dog had medical issues which were eventually diagnosed and the dog was euthanised.

Lately, my wee dog has decided that it’s a good idea to go harass the big girl whilst she is eating. He’s also decided it is fun to see if she leaves anything in her bowl and then try and snatch it when her back is turned. OF course, this doesn’t bode well for me or the dogs. I hear growling and I just freeze. Maybe Micah will help get me over my nervousness. Maybe he’ll make it worse.