Colors of My Life
2023-02-23 22:43:05 (UTC)

where's the people in my planet?

I saw the goodbye post from her friend last Friday. But it was too late. She was already gone.

Yesterday I went to look at her posts I muted. She posted every day till the day of her departure. Pictures of fancy food, playdates with friends, the school gate, and her apartment building. She’s been at this school for more than six years. But, how easily she left this city. How easily she walked out of my life.

I didn’t even say goodbye to her.

I’ve always told people I think 11th grade is better. But when I’m sad and alone in my room, I think about 10th grade. I think about the people who were in my life. Like that person I laughed with in math class or the person I stayed up texting till midnight. And now I don’t know where they are or what they are doing. They’re a shadow I continue running toward but cannot catch.

They float in their planet, miles away from me. I lie in my planet, shouting at them, hoping there would be an echo. If I’m lucky, I’ll hear a reply. But mostly, we are separated by space and I lie alone, writing in tears.

Until next time, I’ll keep searching for the people in my planet.