Point Blank

Bee Mine
2023-02-23 07:55:12 (UTC)


The brain is a cloud^
Collecting evaporated words^
Unfinished sentences^

⁵⅗Countless configurations⅞2¹
{Bare it down more}
<Mystery builds>

U n d o n e
When mind cracks//
//Everything falls back
To ground//

[THIS WILL BE A GIFT TO SOMEONE SPECIAL] -it comes with two tiny canvases. Identical clouds, one cut from a foreign newspaper and one from an english book. Coincidentally the sentences both falling the same. Diagonal.
-When i look at the two together I feel like everything is one... yet the font contrasts as though from two entirely different dimensions. The close placement gets through to my eyes, even when crossed-

[His returned gift - raw quartz from the river bed 🥰 in a jar that makes them seem like fireflies in disguise] S K E P T I C A L in all the rite ways 😍