Dream Scribe

2023-02-23 23:11:00 (UTC)

Microstory : THE DIVINITY GAMES :: A Message In Whispers.

I began this on medium.com and my draft -which was extensive, AND the only copy I had of it- was removed, due to a revamp to their app programming. Never mind. We can start again and build this even better than before.

Working title for the medium.com draft was called : Tetherline and NOW I have renamed it A Message In Whispers and am making it a part of the never started series called THE DIVINITY GAMES which I came up with in mid-2014 while in early chronic psychosis. I want to write THE DIVINITY GAMES, so A Message In Whispers will be the beginning.

Back soon...it's late and I want to watch Netflix. Watching 2 other movies from the Mission Impossible franchise : Ghost Protocol and Fallout. Just watched again Rogue Nation, my absolute favourite.