■ Captain's Log ■
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2023-02-23 12:09:03 (UTC)

Night song.

In the most darkest night. The night song can be sang by Job. Job:35-10: But none saith, Where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night. The song was given by the Lord. So we can sing to the glory of the Father and the Son of Christ. Night song sings out the glory of God instead the devils temptation. We must fight until the very end for the Lord shines our days. The night song presents Holy and the love of peace. Let us sing with Job, for Job is an example of the nation, and the life of truth.
For the night songs to end this darkest night. And the joy of God we can share by His words of eternity. Thanks for the blessings of Job, he leads us to the right path..