Evolving marriage
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2023-02-22 06:47:31 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
IM tired,,, long day, went into the big city. Had my hyperbaric appt, costco run, TJMaxx, gas up, New chiro appt, grab dinner, bank run, drive back home an hour and a half.

We are supposed to get more snow just as it all just finally melted

Husband has work meeting in the am, think hes going to be slapped on the hand, but always prepared for a layoff stuff with the way the mortgage industry is going, Its so shaky right now, he said its not the same and he cant see it going back, too many good people laid off(the gal who got him hired was laid off a wk later)

So hes a little nervous about the AM as am I for him and us,,, nice to have him working again and benefits, pray he can hang in there longer.

My youngest called me yesterday, talked for 2 hrs,, was glad to hear him, he didnt do his usual attack on me, but some wierd stuff,,, but overlal it was good, then today on on my way to The Big City he started to text that he wants nothing to do with his family including me and also that "I keep him at arms length because he smokes meth" was his actual text! Well, umm I didnt know he was now, but now I do...

I had to block him again and he knows it, we talked about it, hes blocking me and calling me a narcissists, Hes paranoid, hes being followed and stalked his says and he said by the end of the call Im probably helping them as he tells me all this stuff. So, yeah, thats my kid, pray for him.

So much I could write but no mental energy, going to crawl into bed, got my period yesterday too so that cuts into the sexy time some. But if we get lots of snow, we are housebound, I just stocked up on all the snacks and food. So we are good. So looking forward to a sexy snowy eve at home together soon.