just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-21 22:40:13 (UTC)

How tf am I supposed to title this shit? Like do y'all just come up with names? For now it'll be called this.

I havent done anything all day,
Or kind of
I woke up, it was around 11
I stayed in bed for another 40 minutes
Then I went downstairs
Took a waffle
Went back up and just went on my phone
Afterwards I ate pasta
Went on my pc
Played some games
Watched YouTube and some anime
Then I had to go
Had to go to my grandparent's
Cuz idk
I went and took some bubble tea on my way there
When I got in the train I read manga
Just some chainsaw man, one piece and oshi no ko
It was fun I guess
Once I arrived my cousins [3 & 5] were there
Once we got back
I just played with them for a bit, till we had to go eat
We ate pasta again.... It wasnt the best but it was fine
Then I put them to bed
And went on my phone
Am still on my phone
I want to die
I'm so tireedddddd
But I can't sleep

I talked with ADHD-friend guy thing person again today, but not a lot
We don't talk over the phone a lot
We spoke about a bunch of things
He also told me I should check if I have adhd cuz I seem like I do. I feel like I don't but yk, who am I to judge? He has ADHD so he would know better I guess.
I'm so tiredddd and kind of hungry rn
I want to die.
I also heard suicidal thoughts shouldn't be as recurring as mine. I should see a therapist
But idc
They're too expensive and I wouldn't have a reason to see them. I also probably wouldn't tell them anything lol
I really want to talk to someone about this
But not over text. It doesn't feel real. I want to say it to someone. How I feel. Everything....
I want someone to love. I want someone that loves me
I want to die
I want so much.
I'm never gonna achieve shit in my life