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2023-02-21 14:10:40 (UTC)

Rough skin

I finished doing some basics on my mother-in-law’s house. The hips (I googled it) is the part of the roof where the truss peak boards are sometimes exposed to the weather. Hers were painted last when She was in high school. It’s been a minute. So these boards were handling it ok considering. Her mom had metal siding wraps laying next to her garage, so I put them up. It took me 4 hours… it looked like such an easy and quick job! I’m glad She was there because She wouldn’t have believed I was working the whole 5 hours I was there yesterday. After I got them up, I put up the cameras. She had already spent time her Her mom to get the app and set the cameras up on the Wi-Fi. I’m glad I didn’t have to do that too. I was there two days. The first day I put of just two cameras and moved a security light. I forgot some tools that made the work go slowly.

I’m not like in pain… but everything is in low key sore all over. I’ve not gotten out of bed though, moving and doing may be harsh today. I’m a little sunburnt. It was mid 60’s and sunny… it figures the first time I’m in the sun, I’d burn a little. My hands feel like I’ve been sanding. I was crawling on the roof for a few hours and now my hands are in that weird dry/ flaky / abraded state where the skin catches on practically everything.

When we went into the house it was apparent that she has become a hoarder. There are two rooms that are mostly clutter free… but she can’t sleep in any bedroom. Also paint is peeling off all the ceilings. It was sad to see it like that. It will take a dumpster to clear all that out. She did get an offer on the broken down car that’s been sitting in her driveway for 3 years. I hope she actually sells it or gets rid of it finally.

I also hope that these cameras and the basic repairs I did on her house give her peace of mind and light a fire to take care of some things. If my house looked like that, I’d be embarrassed to have people over. It’s no wonder she keeps people out… and turned away her sister when she wanted to come visit and stay with her. I now see that there was a secondary reason.

Anyway… She is pushing me to write more. It’s a weird change… I may try today to outline the second and theirs in the series. I have the ideas, just no built storyline.
Be well,

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