Diary of me
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2023-02-21 08:23:31 (UTC)

Fuck you.

I was trapped for almost a year. I really want to run somewhere now. Shame and disappointment overwhelm me. Fucking Canada with its fucking student driver's license laws. I fucking swear that I will never trust another Canadian, American, or anyone whose native language is English, ever again.
Fucking society, they live like fucking Half Life combines where there is only pragmatism. These "people" do not aspire to aesthetics and improve their lives, they do not feel any mercy towards their own kind, not to mention those who came. They only care about their own comfort, and if for the sake of this comfort it will be necessary to do something bad to someone, they will definitely do it. They are not interested in movies or music, they are not interested in video games. Sure they watch movies or listen to music but it's literally like aliens doing it. The repertoire of local radio did not change during all four years of my stay. LITERALLY! Radio stations play the same music all the time, I'm not talking about style, I'm talking about specific songs and even their order is always the same! The TV is showing the fucking Big Bang Theory for the second time, all their seasons! They are crazy! They perceive everything that is not included in their standard axis of coordinates or any non-standard thinking with violent aggression and misunderstanding, and like wild animals they rush at you with reproaches and screams that this is not right, that no one does this.
I have really suffered for four years in this place and I hope that next year this nightmare will finally stop. This is beyond any human endurance. I never in my life wish to visit North America again. I feel sorry for talented or creative people here, their fate is absolutely unenviable.
This island is a solid realm of idiots whose ancestors simply captured by killing almost the entire indigenous population and boast of captured resources pretending that they invented the first wheel or fire. I understand that somewhere in the middle of the 20th century, when there was a two-polar world and you either lived in a dictatorship or fled to the "island of freedom." But now it's the 21st century. and damn it's just bullshit. I will come to my homeland and publish a book describing in detail the realities of North America with all my experience here and no, I did not expect mountains of gold and servants upon arrival, I knew that I would need to work and it would be difficult, but even honestly working and being not very whimsical, I understand what a horror is happening here. Now I know why North America does not sign itself to the European Court of Human Rights, because if they did, the whole world would see how full of shit they are inside, almost like Russia and any other totalitarian countries.