Life of secrets
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2023-02-21 07:12:27 (UTC)


I am absolutely gutted. Yesterday we found out that our mortgage lender is doing an audit on our case which apparently is not a good sign. Our broker said we might have to wait until April 5th (new tax year) to reapply with another lender which delays the whole process and who knows if the seller will wait that long…

A similar thing happened last time we tried to buy, however every lender kept turning us down and then the sale fell through. I don’t want to continue renting here forever. I want my own home. I don’t understand why it’s the most impossible thing to obtain.

And I am still sick… this is my third week being accompanied by this virus. The mornings are when I notice it more. My chest still feels tight and my voice is croaky. Today, my nose isn’t so blocked so that’s something I guess.

I just want some good news with this house now. I’ve asked every psychic reader and they’ve all said something different.

Here I go with my desperation which only leaves more questions and so much confusion.