Dream Scribe

2023-02-21 15:52:00 (UTC)

A Prayer For New Zealand.

My Beloved Father In Heaven,
I come before thee in prayer on behalf of my beloved country New Zealand in light of the recent weeks of floods which have beset our lands with utter destruction. The rains have laid waste to people's homes, ravaged our local and national economies, beset people's hearts and minds with fresh injuries and traumatized many. I give thanks to Thee O Father, for the courage of my countrymen and their bright sides through all this tribulation ; their indomitable spirits, unflagging motivation and energy, resourcefulness and especially the kindness especially and continuing generosity which makes our nation so very unique. I ask thee Father, to bless our country's economy and resources, that all who are in need of appropriate and practical solutions both great and small, where e're they may be nationwide, may have the welfare and needs of their individual souls met, that nobody goes unmet, unaccounted for and their needs unmet. I pray that thou shalt see to it that the looting and ANY crimes associated with these recent disasters will be kept to a minimum and also stopped. Please, I pray, duly influence the powers that be within our country to mete fair service and democracy to all who are stricken greatly. May these times be turned into a great and wonderful learning curve for both those who serve and those who receive. And please God, help me not to watch any more news clips or read any more news articles because as you are well aware, I am a news addict. And I cry much over what has happened in New Zealand. I had to do it though Lord, so I could write this prayer and in an informed manner.
Respectfully and lovingly yours, and in Jesus's Holy name, Amen.