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2023-02-20 10:02:26 (UTC)

Beware Of Earth Angels (enter at own risk)

During these several years of spiritual enlightenment I've navigated a type of customized religion fit for my spirits needs. Not to say that it isnt similar to existing religions or insight easily accessible to all. The belief itself advocates wonder and a personal 'engaging' relationship with reality and life itself. This a conscious and well appreciated relationship upholding grid capability. (Proof of returned respect)

With knowledge of grid and paradigm I deem myself unshakable in my faith. (Even when im full of doubt) Such an esteemed status can let on greater (humbling) challenges not even my own. I do believe a channeling of earth's spirit does occur for strength during these times. This causing 'me' to enter a neutral stance not defined by a 'personality', nor steered by bias.

Empathic traits should be recognized and are crucial in eliminating paradox. People with this ability are blessed and all supernatural gifts fully advocate physical health. My belief is that self healing is a complimentary gift of appreciation. HOWEVER, not to be harmful to freewill and chosen fate. And is only granted to people who share earths responsibility.

I understand that my own assigned symbolisms do sharehold my spirit, my existence and my closure (for freewill). I acknowledge this as a pure blessing and never squander my strength, in complete devotion and compliance to what I consider Earth's spirit.

Because our reality grants freewill, grid standard is not solidified or enforced. It ever shifts. A jaded existence does rely on spiritual intervention. And 'blockades' (possible to exist willingly) would deem intervention useless which explains why some people experience the supernatural while others do not.

I could literally map a spirit world using the same grid traits. Though study guides are highly impersonal and I refrain from doing so for this reason alone. Wonder and engagement are a must to thrive.

Treachery works in our favor. But is not protected because it is the cause of suffering and gets in the way of earth's health. Earth angels do not derive from evil. Evil is a trait of freewill and obscures healthy living though DOES NOT EVER compromise heaven. And if you ask me, earth angels would rather live rightfully. Therefore, their blessing is never an arrogant badge.