Point Blank

Bee Mine
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2023-02-19 00:50:17 (UTC)

Shampoo and Recondition

The unforgivable thing about human animals is that their condition does not solely rely on the environment. It can be swayed by personal choice and encouragement. That responsibility resting on our own shoulders more times than not. We forget (while bargaining) just how malleable we are internally, and that is negligent. I don't care how considerate you are if you fail to see your own well being.

That nauseating saying we've heard a thousand times, "we can't control everything, but we can control how we handle it" does have validity. There are personal boundaries that should never be crossed once we find our bearing. God forgive us for trying to be thorough. But then again, forgive ourselves for clinging to our resilience. We're not shooting for flexibility in the matter, though. We're shooting for some form of control. Own yourself.

I thought about the idea of bonding with children. How it seems to be contradictory in some way. I get an itch. Realistically, bonding with an identityless form seems more like a mother's delusion. You can't sustain their premature nature. It doesn't seem healthy at all. But that's not to say that you rear them indentityless either. What a parent bonds with is their duty. Nothing more, a body. Perhaps when we all grow up and take on our parents duty to ourselves it's good to know what the underlying mission is. Everything gained is a branch from that. So many kids crippled to become something, and they already are!

Thinking back to allowing things to consume us way more than we don't... If the identity you gain strength from can't protect you in your greatest hour of need then I'm sorry to say that you aren't that you. You're evading. Best to find out why. Everyone was raised to believe that its our own accomplishments that make us and we turn a blind eye to our remainimg struggles. Sure, rest the weight on a frail optimism and see. Face it, It's not the best we can do our mind is saying and thats not an insult!

Excluding displaces the weight. Jagged pieces still make the same puzzle. But I care more about the pieces than I do the image birthed. The image should be the reward of hard work and somehow not the main goal. Can't you see the advocating echo of redemption? A single piece doesn't stop the image from being made out but to me that missing piece halts appreciation. And everything else is cut to hell. Good grief👌