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Notes from my Black
2023-02-19 13:15:17 (UTC)

Been up a while

Have you ever had that feeling where you need to be doing something and it feels urgent, but you don’t know what it is or where to start?

I have this oddly placed anxiety.

It’s true that I’ve been watching Manifest… I’ve started season 2. This isn’t the anxiety. I find it fascinating.

Today im headed to my mother in law’s house to install security cameras. Her neighbor has been prowling and it seems he’s messed up in some stuff and has been a while. He also seems to have an in with the Sheriff… that good ol boy network at play. We think he’s a serial stalker and thief. Im a bit nervous of the guy. Last time we were at her house, the neighbor waited for us to leave and he tried to chase us down… after we lost him. He went back to his house and shot a few hundred rounds into a target. That’s the kind of anxiety I have.

I don’t own a gun. I have shot a 22 rifle once as a little kid, but I can only protect so much. This guy is a freak and really I want no part of this. If Her mom hadn’t lived there for 40 years, I’d encourage her to move. The neighbor has been there 20… they have a long standing tension.

So two fold issues here. First the obvious. I don’t run in these circles. I don’t at all want any part of being in the middle of this. My other distress is the technical aspect of this. I’m rusty at doing this stuff and I don’t want to look a fool. I’m supposed to be the technological go to person… but I kinda just figure stuff out as I go. I know these cameras should be easy to install… I have two of them at my house… but dealing with Her mom who barely understands anything technological… I know I’m going to have to be tech support. When I had the opportunity to go into tech support, I practically ran. I used to do it as part of my previous job, but I never enjoyed it or was very good at it.