Diary of me
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2023-02-17 05:00:04 (UTC)


I thought that I need to sum up the calculations and the results.
What were the goals.
My goals:
1. Destabilization. (partial success)
2. Delaying time to gain strength. (failure)
3. Saving my community. (done)
4. Preservation of creative identity. (done)
5. Modernization of my style. (done)
6. Cleansing my community of his crazy fans. (partial success)
7. Creative saturation of my community. (partial success)
8. Partial or full disclosure of information about the conflict. (partial success)
His goals:
1. Lure me into your community. (failure)
2. Combining styles or stealing parts of my style. (partial success)
3. Destabilization. (had a successful start but failed in the end)
4. Intervention of my community. (failure)
5. Suppression of me by humiliation, cessation of my creativity. (failure)
6. Dissolving untrue rumors about me and marginalizing me. (failure)
7. Theft of personal information. (partial success, less than half)
8. Ending the conflict by throwing false information. (failure)
This is from my side. If there is an unbiased source with access to all operations and information, I will agree with him, but there is no such person, and he is a sissy, so I sum up the results.
My powers:
Three friends.
Only one of them carried out a sabotage operation.
I planned to do it earlier, but he did it on his own.
Only I knew about the fullness of the conflict. I have not publicly posted general materials or personal entries.
Enemy forces according to rough estimates:
The top team is two.
The average commanders is from 10 to 15 people.
The lowest commanders is about a hundred.
Spies from the above, in order from 3 to 6.
Only one can be called successful.

I didn't have clear data. There was no communication and no request for external support, although there was a possibility. It was practically impossible to assess the operational situation.
All information sabotage was successful in my opinion and achieved their goals.

The main mission is completed.

Personal record.
If this scum dares to do something like that again, I make for him a real hell on earth and what was will seem to him like a Sunday summer walk. Let him climb into his dark deep hole and pray to the cosmos that all those whom he offended would not find me and unite with me, because if they come I will have something to tell them and something to teach.

The war is over, but this does not mean that the truce has been signed.

My defense will begin with any re-invasion attempt.
I believe that the hostilities are over due to the lack of new escalations on his part, and my positions are strong and stable. Let him deal with the pig squeals of his disgraced and beaten generals.
I would call it a worthy battle, but our meeting is not pleasant.