Up All Night
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2023-02-19 00:45:48 (UTC)


Richard totured me for seven years. He's dead now. I read his obituary a couple of years ago. But when he was alive, I spent seven years with him. He took me to Disneyland. Other then that he never spent any time with me unless it was for sex. I did not enjoy having sex with him. He never contributed anything to the household and used to eat my food. I found out when we parted ways that he had another lady on the side. The seven years I spent with him were a waste of my precious time. The other guy I was with was weird. He hoarded animals. I've peeked at his Facebook. Looks like this time he's hoarding cats. I forget how long I spent with him. Too long. If I found another man he'd end up being like those two. Maybe not ... The guy in Nigeria seems really nice. I talked to him on video today. He likes my hair. I'm considering having it cut short again. It was nice to have a video visit from him.