Point Blank

Bee Mine
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2023-02-18 17:03:30 (UTC)

Be One

I plant my seeds of hope deliberately.
Though, uncertainty as a seed can be just as much a curse as it is a blessing. Be prepared. Dreams can be a nightmare when you realize all that they entail. Though that never stops the dreamer from dreaming.
And never do they accept a doers doing.

I get so frustrated when people enforce a positive mindset. You just might learn something about yourself if your resentments lay bare. The fire isn't rage, it's passion. Stoke it more than once for bigger flame. Be a spirit tamer.

I heard a song I always hear but this time I heard it from another's ears. I recalled the dance videos of the little African boys dancing with large smiles to american music. I pictured a wholesome upbringing who's highs are high. And I thought what good karma. These compromised devotions feeding from our unwanted kills. I'm quick to call it karma. Maybe we're equal now instead.

I thought how strange our culture must be to those children. How If they had a million likes it would mean something entirely different to them than it does to us. A million likes in America offers a great sense of mental relief to a person. Like stairs leading out of a pit. The people stay but you get higher up only to make it even with ground. All the likes are clumped together into a resume not fit for the job. The measly support you find is never enough. Must be what you get for setting the bar above them.

I'm sorry to say but we got lost somewhere along the way (my people). Our insistent need to claim every territory we stumble upon whether in body or mind makes it impossible to recall home. Didn't stop us from carrying it all this way. Didn't stop us from holding it's standard. Didnt...

I try so hard to feel like those dancing boys with big smiles. And it fucking sucks to know they might be doing the same for us, and no (narcissists) not 2 profit.