Dream Scribe

2023-02-18 18:23:35 (UTC)

Gratitude On Sunday.

I'm so grateful that people take the time to read my diary.
I'm ever grateful to still be alive.
I'm even more grateful to be blessed with the spiritual insight to know that I'm meant to still be here among the living.
I'm grateful for every hard working item, thing and tool in my home to help me through life : from footwear to pots ; from scissors, a handsaw, to pliers ; from chairs, books and a playing card table to my hardworking sewing machine. And everything in between.

••• ••• break

Assholes. Bunch of fucken power-tripping assholes. These are NZ men trained here to do this. I hate it, they're not good at it. Why didn't you use military!!?? There's only one person!!!! Me!!!! You did this intentionally. To make life as hard as possible for me and for as l9ng as possible. I only saw 4 reads of what was here before I replaced it with this!!! BULLSHIT!!! You have had control of my online movements for long enough. This has to stop. Everywhere that it's happening. This is the worst kind of bullying and control. You need to stop. N.o.w.

••• ••• now I feel at peace and strong for the first time in years, since this all started.

I am grateful for the truth, and being brought to the truth in my lifetime.
I am grateful for prayer.
I am grateful for the love that my adoptive siblings have for me. I was adopted into the right family.
I am grateful for life itself and the continuing love of my fellow beings and a God of my own understanding.

I'll be back here to write...