Life of secrets
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2023-02-18 17:16:00 (UTC)


Seems this weekend started off shit and continued that way.

Friday afternoon, I received an email from my solicitor stating that the lender has temporarily withdrawn their offer as they are waiting for outstanding information from us. No explanation as to what kind of Information. I immediately called my broker who said he couldn’t see anything outstanding on his part - he called the bank and they too, couldn’t see anything. The bank told him they would get back to him on Monday. So we are spending all weekend worrying and wondering.

This morning my mum called me in tears, to say our family cat of 17 years was put down. She’s not been very well lately but I didn’t expect her to pass so quickly. She took a turn for the worse this morning and it went downhill from there….

Her brother died two years ago (was hit by a car and I can’t get over it). We had them both since they were born. We originally had their mum, who had a litter and we kept the two. Their mum died 3 years ago. So they all went pretty much one after the other.

What will happen tomorrow ? Hopefully it can only go up from here… hopefully Monday brings good news regarding the house. It’s a bit triggering considering last time we were trying to buy, the lender withdrew around this time.

In other news, I’m ovulating - managed to have sex this morning and I think that’s probably as good as it’s going to get. I’ve lost the motivation with all of this. This is my last cycle trying. I’m looking forward to not bothering with it all for a while. It’s consumed 2 years of my life. I’m so done with it.

I’m off to cry now about my cat passing and wait for my hamster to wake up so he can be of no comfort at all.