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2023-02-18 05:25:56 (UTC)

A lot of people ask me how ..

A lot of people ask me how your husband is very obsessed with you? Well, I am the prize and he needs to win me over and over again. I am a bossy woman but for him, I am a cute sweet little angel. I let him protect and provide for me because look at history, biologically men love to protect and provide for their beloved. I have very strong muscles, I can easily open a tight jar. But if he is around me, I will ask him to do that for me. Afterward, I will make him feel like he is a hero. He will feel like he is always in need. He will feel more and more manly around me and he will be obsessed. In short, let him think he is in charge but you know who is controlling him!
Another thing is, guys are emotional. But they don't think about everything emotionally like us. So he will not be able to read your mind. Teach him how to treat you, and he will.
And ofcourse trust, understanding, etc matter but never forget you are the prize that he needs to win it over and over again.