Up All Night
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2023-02-18 00:53:58 (UTC)


Today I spent all my payday money on groceries and a pharmacy delivery. I have about 42 cents left.

I didn't do anything today except eat, wash dishes and wait for the deliveries.

I find myself craving nicotene but I don't have the money for cigarettes and I'm not supposed to be smoking. I could bum them but again, doctor's orders, I'm not supposed to be smoking. They make me weeze and my nose runs. I think I'm allergic to cigarette smoke.

I do have coffee and diet cola, so I can have my caffeine. My brother bought me a coffee maker and coffee.

I don't have to get up early tomorrow. I can sleep late. Unless I just go ahead and get up early... Then I will clean my apartment and wash some things by hand.

For lunch today I had little pimento cheese sandwiches and for dinner I had a big salad. I'm stuffed. These groceries have to last me nine days, before I recieve more money. They should unless I binge or overeat.

I'm making veggie burgers this weekend. Going to have them with tater tots. I'll eat a big salad for dinner.