Dream Scribe

2023-02-17 23:43:28 (UTC)

Flood Stricken New Zealand.

It's been some gruelling weeks for my country. The rain has become frightening for some as the country is hit again and again with floods like we've never experienced before. People are so strong ; yet, some of us aren't that strong. Either way, it's okay. What's not okay is what nature has served up. My family live in Auckland. They were the first region plus Northland and Coromandel peninsula to go under water. My country is in nationwide crisis with Northland and the Eastsides hit bad. At the moment Napier is a stranded island. They need help. Where I live we've had a brief but scary 4.8 quake. It scared me but I made myself get over it quickly because others around the country are going through far, far worse.....
I'm painting the interior of my unit. The start of this much needed project happened to coincide with the start of the rain. Rain is not the same to me anymore. Rain is terrifying......

Remember us in New Zealand please as Cyclone Gabrielle has just finished laying waste to our shores and lands.
The great news is, there has been a minimal amount of lives lost, HOWEVER, thousands are unaccounted for because of Gabrielle.
Your prayers and practical help for New Zealand are greatly welcomed. It's heartbreaking to watch this happen. I've become affected deeply since the rain started, every day. It's incredibly painful to watch. Incredibly grateful that our town is okay. What we've experienced has been nothing compared to the worst hit regions. North Island mostly.

I paint and work and pray so I don't feel helpless. The kindness of New Zealanders towards each other is amazing.

Can't write any more, except this : I don't have just fibromyalgia, I have two other new things wrong with me because of fibromyalgia. The triple condition is what happens because of fibromyalgia. Still moving. Refuse to give up.