just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-17 01:08:31 (UTC)

Feeling invisible, why am I not interesting?

I don't feel like people notice me, sometimes I say stuff, but they just don't listen, or sometimes I'm talking with someone and they just leave mid conversation or, or sometimes they just don't make any effort to be active in the Convo, no wonder I have no friends.
Since I ever got in this new school I didn't want to be friends with anyone, no one looked cool, nice or like had the same vibe you know? I'm trying to not use dumb cringy words or slangs because some people don't understand this shit (examples; yk, fr, kms)
It's really dumb idk why I do this, no one is reading this probably anyways, I mean as I've said in other logs, there's this girl who peaked (is that how you spell peaked?) my interest a bit... And an old friend who doesn't even seem to remember me.
And even these people, it doesn't seem to be worth it.
I talked to that girl (not my old friend, the other one), and she just stayed super dry, we didn't talk much just about how I didn't study for the potential chemistry test there was (there wasn't one in the end)
She doesn't seem interested in me, or doesn't look like she even wants to talk to me in the first place.
This sucks.
It's like 1 am or something now.
I should go to sleep
Thankfully I start school at like 9:30 tomorrow so I can sleep a bit more...
Gn, might make another log later today