just venting my depression and problems
2023-02-16 20:41:26 (UTC)

Movies and Distraction

| Dairy Prompt : What is your favourite movie, and why?

I have no idea.
I barely watch any movies
and I usually don't even enjoy them
But probably studio ghibli stuff.
They're the best movies.
Maybe "My neighbor Totoro" or "Ponyo"
Or "Castle in the sky", they're all decent movies, they're the only ones I enjoy...
The only ones I really remember about.
They're cool, you should watch them
I should also rewatch them, since it's been a while...

| Dairy Prompt : What has been distracting you lately?

fucking everything so much stuff has been distracting me
I'm always distracted and procrastinating
in fact right now im writting this to procrastinate other stuff