Point Blank

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2023-02-16 00:42:22 (UTC)

The Importance Of History

History is an EXTREMELY important part of life. Its a trait that echoes on a personal level inside us all as a reminder of BETTERMENT. So you can imagine my opinion about censoring and destroying artifacts of history (to cater to present day emotions).

It isn't rocket science to understand that even new age lingo is a self sabotaging act. Though INTERESTING that behavior always shines a light on intent. Its evident that new generations want nothing more than to step on their ancestors accomplishments (while wearing the same face) and refresh the riddle with an updated version of the same puzzle (never solved). It's the equivalent of destroying public property in a self proclaimed act of justice. The foot comes down harder. Money needed to liberate these supposed victims from their oppression is instead reinvested into the culprit of their defeat(liberation) and the beloved cycle continues. AND very much due to their own demand. By grid standard, this would prove the necessity to maintain gang culture for corperate accomplishments. But in no way proves that corperate is looking out for our best interest. I could even see hints of public intimidation to keep us delusional bums in line. I could imagine gang leaders mimick our accomplishments so that corperate doesn't have to waste its time looking at the lesser than(us). I mean they even built a machine to care about our patterns and demand so they themselves don't have to. You can't get any less(more) accountable than that.

It's no wonder that mental 'intervention' is a necessity growing 20% each year. There is no longer a need for war strategy (to get inspiration from gangs and victims) but a demand for oppressive strategy instead. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the target is none other than the commonest commodity itself. (Women) which has only to make me fully aware of what my kind and I are up against. The delusional powers we posses in our self liberating fantasies is just as much of a hoax as anyone else's... Though seem to be entirely invested in by everything and everyone around us.

Given grid standard, the ever stabalizing value of currency along with the funnels back to those forever in power is the proof that we could have been spending our money and time much more WISELY. And that any internalized rage is not the earth's fault, but our own. I refuse to believe anything that gives obvious direction all ways is the culprit of oppression. But rather the advocate of FREEWILL and personal SPIRIT. AND SOMETHING SO TARGETED BY ALL DEMAND DESERVES FULL PROTECTION ABOVE ALL!

If this stipulation couldn't occur it'd be proof that we've all gone fucking mad!!