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2023-02-15 18:34:39 (UTC)

Terrorist Traits

There are many types of terrorists in the world. But all fall into two categories, homeland and foreign.

The INTERESTING thing about homeland terrorism is that it is not only openly accepted, but also glorified amongst its people. Suspiciously lacking attention for court. Where as any foreign threat is magnified, instigated, and publically deemed unjust.

I can only imagine every excuse for this social anomaly. However, dissecting something that doesn't deserve attention is a disappointment to myself as much as it is a shame to others. In other words, I take everything at face value. Something all victims of terrorism should get on board with.

Immediately I associate foreign terrorism as an act of jealousy. Though honestly cannot make this assumption considering that no government in its history has ever made an honest attempt to exist peacefully. Of course then it falls on greed. I tend to accept that answer better. It fits the script all the way down to normalized 'individual' tendency. And upon further inspection can see that the same can be said about homeland terrorism. It easily caters to the opinions of people who arent held accountable. People who then profit off of not only injustice but also communal oppression. I suppose anything to obscure the fact that unified work builds a nation, is fine by greed. (Not that this is any secret to anyone)