just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-15 14:34:59 (UTC)


today, felt worse than the other days, or like, well, I dont know
Monday felt like "a good day" but today ehh, it was super boring, super annoying,
My classes were so shit, like i had 2H of french and then an hour of dutch and then another 2h of math
it was soooo boring, i learned a bit more about functions i guess, but imo its not a very intresting topic
Im feeling super tired, and pretty sick
I catched a cold back in january but it seems to have gotten worse
im glad next week is holidays
all i want to do is stay home all day, but i probably cant
my parents are gonna tell me to go see people...
Tomorrow I have 2 tests, one in geography and the other in maths
then friday i have another one, but this time in physics.
I like science, like physics, chemistry and biology (sometimes)
but im so bad at it...
I also learned that the girl id like to be friends with is befriended with one of my old friends, ok i now realize this sentence sounds pretty complicated so ill explain it all
so as ive said multiple times in my other logs there is this girl i kinda like and idk, i dont know if im in love with her, but i think shes pretty cool and she looks pretty good, shes also pretty nice
so yk
I heard that
she was a friend of another person
and i know that other person, now given we were close friends like, 6 or 5 years ago, but yk thats prettty cool.
but that still doesnt really give me much of a reason to talk to her, my *friend* or like whatever not really friends anymore but yeah, well i dont know if they even remember me, she's pretty cool, again she looks pretty good, and just has a nice personality, she also loves sports, but eh.
I have 0 chances, probably, not that i want to be in a relationship anyways. id be a horrible boyfriend
anyhow i gtg
hope you liked this
if u want to talk to me, my discord is ////////////#3880