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2023-02-15 12:32:08 (UTC)

Yesterday was Valentine's ..

Yesterday was Valentine's day. After a week, I went outside. The outside atmosphere is very nice. I thought summer is coming but no, still winter is trying to embrace me. However, I don't have to wait much for my beloved season.
When I say I went out people will think I went out with my husband. But no. I had some get together with my would-be colleagues. We were connected online and a few of them were very close to my heart. It was very fun to meet them. There was also a guy who was trying to flirt with me. Anyway, Valentine's day is over hopefully guys will stop trying desperately afterward.
There were some problems with my husband's phone. He will not listen but the truth is it's been years he is using that. He needs a new one. Anyway, he has lost his old photos and WhatsApp chats. He is upset about it. He was asking me, "do you have them? I sent you as long as I remember." I had everything saved but before our marriage when he broke my heart, I deleted them all. He was like, "I will never love you." Good. Then why should I keep your photos, and chats and put you on the pedestal? Treat me like a queen only then I will take care of you like my king. And preserve everything. After all, I don't deserve snacks, I need full-course meals. You could have told me that you need time to think about everything but what was that emotional outburst? So I am happy that he lost photos and chats. This was his karma. He got that.
Now he is treating me well so he is receiving the same good treatment in return. The fact is, look at the history. A guy even can start a war for a girl. Look at the poems, a guy can even die for his lover. Women are precious and men love to nurture them. If he is not, we deserve better. There is no place of toxicity, uncertainty and worry in my life. Life is too short to deal with such melodrama. Just be happy and share happiness.