Point Blank

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2023-02-15 00:50:17 (UTC)

The Downfall of Humanity

Ok so as far as the whole can't safehouse people because scum will take advantage of the system. I WISH THEY FUCKING WOULD go to the extent to hate others as much as I've proven they hate me. Maybe then life would be fair game. But regardless, here I am. Goes to show you that my dreams and aspirations are shit. (NOTED) AND THEIR DOUBLE STANDARD WILL LIVE ON.

Allow me to help. Since you've bullied me so criminals...

In light of oppressing people, youll need a near and dear dream. Something personal that they're tied to on a moral basis. The rest is just safeholding their argument with unnecessary challenges and shallow support. (As not to disturb the false victories of their own jaded self care)

The sad thing I'm realizing is that the conditioning for such a standard is basic unified treachery toward faulty emotions. Oh and a vaguely obscured and ever eluding villain to take the blame.

The perfect problem with this scheme is that each generation becomes more and more deluded morally and begins to destroy the very source of its own supposed liberation whilst desperately clinging to their addictions, coping mechanisms, and enablements in a horrifically consciousless manner. And, if such a pattern persisted without remorse, annihilation would eventually be inevitable (and justified). Almost enforced when the planet becomes compromised.

This level of oppression can occur when a society has too many outlets for disassociation. These outlets would greatly compliment their own personal, and shared, delusions. (Hashtag culture) Granting cost to increase more regularly regarding necessity (flick switch of subconscious terror). The effects of this hardship only to fuel the success of its own treachery. Leaving the system to run smoothly and powerholders to inevitably take charge.

With subconscious terror in the mix, you have the perfect concoction for blinding conceit. Just add in something to hush the primal rage neglected. Some sort of malicious act that people can witness, mimick, and/or roleplay secretly. This completely obscuring and misusing human nature to the point where one should be glad to do their enemies work without question. Glad to destroy themselves. Well devoted to the very problems they convince themselves theyre fighting (in a long drawn out narrative, always parallel to their existence). The supposed mental dilemmas, nothing more than pointless delusion.

When all of these things have been experienced for a prolonged period, individuals can start hitting their own conscience (with reoccurring thoughts, nightmares, bad habits, etc) until they reach what is commonly known as a mid life crisis. At this point, during extensive unnecessary treachery, the self proclaimed target begins to break down mentally. (Disoriented and provoked by the ass backwards challenge and impossible victory) Typically becoming short tempered in true challenge and painfully biased to avoid it at all costs. Creating and directing a compartmentalized existence while in complete submission (administering traits for 'smooth' sailing). Later referring to a scripted routine.

Because this act would save them in the wild and that's where theyd uncontrolably forget they are not, the target would begin to plant mental seeds of conspiracy as a final attempt at defending their stance. Playing them out typically by fetish until those most damaged begin to exhibit abnormal behavior perfect for normalized vices and psychopathic tendency. Lashing out at anyone who should exhibit their own failed traits as a means of "saving" others, though faulty is the need for treachery.

The seeds of conspiracy grow on until the target can no longer interact consciously without normalized script to ride on (for mental stability). These unruly roots confining and restricting any sort of wonder or true interaction. They live in loops perfect for disassociation.

They'd focus entirely on selling themselves in every outlet they come across until finally, hopefully, death.