Up All Night
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2023-02-15 01:38:30 (UTC)

Sticking to salads ...

Made my grocery list for Friday. I'm ordering salad ingredients, bread and something for my breakfasts. Oh, and soda. Diet soda.

I started to order the stuff to make hamburgers then thought better of it. I need to stick to salads. Eating lots of veggies is the best way for me to continue to lose weight. I'm ordering eggs too. I slice boiled egg and put it on my salad. Yummy.

Will be getting a couple of packages on Friday from Amazon. I'll be watching for that, my groceries and a delivery from the pharmacy on Friday.

Talked to my friend in Nigeria on the phone today. He claims the economy there isn't good. He works hard and they pay him poorly for his work. I hope things get better for him. We exchanged Valentines today. I was so happy to hear from him.

Well, that's about all for now.
Oh, yes, and all of my clothes are too big for me. I keep losing weight. I don't know if it is because of the diet I'm eating or because of how sick I am. Whatever. I don't care how skinny I get. As long as I get rid of my belly.