just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-14 22:51:43 (UTC)

Life goes on

After writing what i did before ive gotten a bit calmer, but i dont know what to do with my life and im so tired, i need help
I want to program. game. stream. socialize. And so much more. I put so many goals for myself this year and i feel like i wont achieve any of them
I dont have any friends and i want to get more, but idk how, ive wanted to do this for a very long time
Sometimes just thanking people weirds them out
I cant trust anyone anymore and i constantly feel like shit, i feel like a burden, i just keep fucking myself up
Not exercising, forgeting to shower, always being late, forget my keys
I defo understand why no one wants to date me lol
Ofc no one wants to, I'm just some dumb oblivious idiot, narcissist, piece of shit
I can't I'm so tired of life
I wish I were a better person
I'm so bad at trusting people because of my ex gf, and my old friends, I feel like I kind of deserve this in a way

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