just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-14 19:45:20 (UTC)

Last year - the story of how i got my first GF and how it all went wrong

Last year when i got in my class there was this kid in my class that I actually knew from 6 years ago, but we haven't talked to each other.
we quickly beceme friends.
-Fast forward 2 months.
Im trying cutting her off cuz I'm bad dealing with people and new friendships.
She admits she likes me more than a friend.
I said didnt .
She begs me to at least try for a bit.
-Fast forward 2 months again.
I broke up right after (by text (cuz she asked me out by text lol).
She gets mad as fuck.
I get spammed by people telling me to kms
try talking to her for a bit and she tells me she's actually always been lesbian and I was the first guy she wanted to try and have a relationship with.
She told me a lot of people said she shouldn't be friends with me.
She told literally everyone she knows I'm a manipulative asshole even tho she lied a bunch to me (about being lesbian and also other shit).
Later she made a discord server.
she started inviting lots of people i know, some that i am friends with, some that i dislike, some that i even hate.
She Started saying a bunch of shit in the discord, personal stuff, important stuff (talked about how i was deeply depressed and other dumb stuff from at the time)
-Fast forward 2-3 weeks
I start streaming on twitch.
She makes a bunch of fake accounts to make fun of me
Some friends of her do this too
Basically have a bunch of viewers but they all hate me, except they dont know i know thats its them
I made a discord server for my twitch
They get in somehow
They start spamming random pic of me very edited in a cringy way
I deleted it all pretty quickly and banned them all
-Fast forward a week
She added me into whatsapp groupchat
They make fun of me
they spam random edit pic of me again
I leave the GC and block all of them
-Fast forward a couple months
its Exams again.
I pass with right about 50% on everything (at least i can go to next year)
Later I get into argument with friends group.
They kicked me from all group chats and our discord server
its Summer Holidays but we don't talk for months.
School starts again
I obviously had to transfer schools because i was failing
-Fast Forward a month
Its my birthday
I invited all of my old friends even if i havent talked to them for a long time
I get a text message
Its my Ex-GF....
She explains one of my (ex)best friends goes out with her and proceeds to mocks me.
I tell her to stay mad and that the other guys will do something about it.
or so i thought because no one says anything about them.
I got a message from my (not anymore) friend.
the messsage says im a braindead piece of shit for trying to ruin their relationship
he then blocks me.
I dont have any friends anymore
and my mental Health declines even more but i dont do shit about it
I also never told my parents, they think im still friends with my EX-GF and the other guys
I want to get therapy, but dont want my parents finding out, and dont have the money to get it myself
My parents are starting to get sick of me being on my PC all the time and they constantly tell me i should see people more
I need help.