just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-03 22:18:43 (UTC)

I like a girl but idk

See i dont want to be in a relationship
I just want validation
and friends
now last time i was in a relationship it ended horribly and I dont want that to happen again, altho sometimes i wish i was in a relationship
You see theres this girl in my class, she pretty and shes really smart
kind of slow
but really casual and way more relatable than any other girl
not wierd as fuck
and she does lots of sports (i think so at least)
Shes great. way better than me
and yk i dont know if i want to be in a relationship with her
even if it was the case i dont have the courage to ask her out at all
Idk i feel like i just want to be good friends with her
but we have completly diffrent intrests
now that i think about it we have a couple in common, but not enough
I also have no reason to even talk to her in the first place, so i dont want to talk to her.
People might think im a creep or a wierdo if i do...
and idk dating seems like too much effort
Im also a very bad BF, and id never give her enough attention
im also broke as hell so i could never buy her anything, which would defo suck, yeah idk and i dont feel like im in love with her
yk i just feel like i want to be friends with her