just venting my depression and problems
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2023-02-14 19:07:52 (UTC)


Hi there,
Today was eh-
a decent day
not too great not too bad
It was sunny
People were happy
I was, until now
I got chocolate, unfortunatly its just a prank
I wish it was from this girl i kinda like
shes pretty, cool and relatable
she isnt like the others putting 12 Kgs of makeup and always trying to act like a goddess
shes more casual
and thats what i like about her
the thing is, i dont think we share enough intrests to even be friends, and im like anti-social n shit so idk i dont feel like talking to her
I also dont want to get too attached
I wish i had the courage to tell her
I wish lots of stuff all the time
I wish someone could listen to me
I wish someone could help me
I wish i had friends