Colors of My Life
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2023-02-14 10:22:02 (UTC)

my dog

there's this thing my dog does when she wants my attention. she would sit next to me and whine. then i'll put my hand on her head and she'll be content for a while. then i'll take my hand away to type on my computer and she'll stick her nose under my arm, trying to make me rub her again. She'll also raise her leg or bite my sleeve to move my arm toward her.

i can't believe i need to go to school tomorrow. i am sort of terrified. this is kinda scary.

succeeding in school is staying alert. it's keeping track of where I spend my time and not let it go to waste. i hope it'll become easier later because i don't particularly like the sense of urgency, esp when i need to count the minutes when I take a shower.

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