Evolving marriage
2023-02-14 04:50:18 (UTC)

Life is Good

Dear Diary,
Im a happy girl tonight. We had the most wonderful dinner tonight with about 30 couples, prepared by locals in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, it was beautiful, foot was excellent, the people were so warm and nice and fun and no alcohol was served but such a fun crowd. We left with the names of the couples next to us and where they live and invited to come visit. Had to drive home and go slow in the dark and watch for deer (spotted 3)

We got into our cozy house and the sky is so dark and the stars are out

SNow is forecasted for tomm all day and totally cold temps, even though today it was sunny and I was out walking to the park and it was near 60 degrees.

For Vday we have reservations at our fave place. We are taking our own bottle of wine, will be interesting if it snows all day but luckily we are so close we can walk if needed but its gonna be cold and snowy and we have 4 wheel drive and its literally super close by.

I got him some treats and a card, he got me flowers already. :)

Spoke to the contractor today and hes supposed to start working on framing the kitchen and bath remodel end of the wk at the other house we bought.

Husband and I are doing well. Things are different with us now. They are better, we fight less, not much at all, argue or any of that ever since we did that enneagram thing and that long drive to the coast to talk it over for hours, and really understanding one another and how we think and operate and what is important to each of us.

Sat eve we had edibles. I had been upstairs and working on stuff and chatting till I couldnt any longer and went downstairs with hubby on the couch.

Man we had so much fun! I have been desiring for him to fist me, but havent said so, but I keep wondering if hes trying, and it felt so good whatever he was doing, and well later after we moved to the bedroom from the couch and I was riding him he said how hot it was having 4 fingers in me, and woa that just turned me on all crazy riding him. I wondered if his whole fist was in me, but it was 4 fingers but hes getting close! Took awhile to get to the 4, have to get really warmed up and relaxed and super turned on.

He spanked me good and then put on a sleeve a HUGE one, it was big! And I had to take it a little at a time and have him pull back. And then back at it, getting warmed up, and being on my back on the edge of the bed my legs spread wide or propped up on him and hes pushing this big thing into me. Its so big its not natural at all. But oh so fun. Its like a challenge to me a strange way, to see how much I can relax and how much deeper he can push into me. Its so arousing for me, feels incredible and then feels like to much so I have to tell him to back it up, and he does, and then we ease back again and he can go a litte further each time.

He also used the attachment for the anal one so he can give me double penetration in both holes, its been awhile since hes used that one and I do love it! ANd wow, it felt awesome him pressing it into my ass, until it fully goes in deep and then I can just loose it and let him work his thrusting magic on me.

We ended up having snacks on the couch after and passed out and I woke up after midnight and got in bed, he crashed all nite on the couch. I text him in the am and said "I miss you come in here" and we laid together, talked, and then we ended up going at it again and had so much fun and pleasure, then he really wanted to go to the coffee shop and drive thru the mountains still covered in light snow, I said I wasnt ready to go out, I was a mess, but he just says "Well Id still do ya, who are you trying to impress?" and I threw on my black pants and fuzzy white coat, I was still wearing the cute little tight floral half top that hugs my chest so tight and just threw the jacket on over it and a pair of boots, my hair in a clip and we were out the door.

I am giggly, we sat on the couches in the coffee shop, had food, snacks and drinks and played the tic tac toe game on the table, and I hadnt showered and smelled of sex underneath my clothing and I loved it.

THis is ife, this is living. I know there is so much going on in the world, and some days Im just so happy we dont really watch tv anymore, or the news and I stopped listening to end times teachers and all that stuff.

Because all I worried about was what was going to happen to me all those yrs and feared, and well, when you shut off all that noise? What do you have? Your own life to look at and live and its actually not that damn bad, we live in a small town in a beautiful quiet place and life is the most peaceful its ever been in my entire life. Im so blessed and need to enjoy every moment as we arent promised tomm and it doesnt mean it will always be this way but to enjoy it!

Nice to have one of those good days where your heart is full.