barefoot & barely lifelike
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2023-02-12 23:19:12 (UTC)

too tired for this week

i'm tired as hell but i made a list about things i wanted to write about:
- i booked a bus ticket for friday
- i made plans with m2 for saturday
- i still have no work nor have i had any work
- i didn't call the dr lady about the extra job thing and it's been almost a week... fuck
- i have continued to be a shitty friend. replied to m1 though, but i still haven't replied ty
- next week sa won't be at the paja so it's stressing me out a bit
- they changed my favorite sushi bowl thingy and i'm mad
- jon's been asking if he could come and visit, idk what to tell him since i'm not comfortable with him
- i've been having the hiccups the whole day and i'm ready to kill myself
- i've been talking to jo and o a bit on ig. they're really nice. especially jo
- mr a's been full of toxic positivity and i'm cross with him because fucking helllll
i'm not gonna write more about these things at the moment, but hey at least there's a list, right?

yesterday me and mi went to a nearby lean-to to grill some sausages and have 'fika' with cinnamon buns. we were both hella tired before we left and it took us until the sun was already setting to finally leave my place, but we decided to do it anyway - and it was the right choice. you never regret going but you might regret *not* going. our toes were freezing though, so afterwards we warmed up the sauna. we lit candles, played some piano music and used a sauna scent; it was luxurious. while our hair was drying we watched a few episodes of 'modern men' on tv and ate potato chips, that was nice too. mi had her sister's car to use so we didn't have to dig up mine, and she didn't have to take a bus to get home; the day will go down in history, lmao! i've been watching tbbt again, went to the grocery store... tomorrow we'll have a pre-valentine's bake sesh at mi's; we'll be making a cheesecake of some kind, i think. on tuesday my dad turns 60! that's wild. it's also ta's 29th bday, and i gotta keep my promise of hosting speedfriending at the paja... it'll be a busy valentine's day, although in the evening i'm probably not gonna be doing anything. on wednesday my mum'll probably pick w up, and on thursday i have my pppt's appointment. on friday it's time for the 'we are all doomed' show, on saturday i'll hang out with m2 when mia leaves for his dad's bday party and in the evening it's t's 30th bday party in some sort of studio space... on sunday i've made plans with my childhood friend s, we'll see what happens and where - i don't think i'll have the time and energy to fix up this hell hole so that i could invite her over, but we'll see. miracles happen, occasionally.

i'm already tired and this week's not even started yet. oh help me britney.