Amber's ramblings
2023-02-13 19:42:03 (UTC)


I'm so tired. Not physically but emotionally. I have no fight left in me. I wrote him a poem but don't know if I should send it.

I got a call from the mental health team today. I've got an assessment tomorrow. My surrogate mum and dad are coming with me. There's a lot of stuff that's going to come out but I want her there. I know she won't talk about me or spread it around the yard. I'm not gonna lie I'm terrified. But she will hold my hand and I'll talk because I'll gain strength from her. I need to get everything out. There's no point going there if I'm going to hide things or lie about things. I have to trust that she does care. I know she does but it's hard to believe that. When all my parents ever told was I was a worthless waste of space and I was a mistake. They should have had an abortion. She's not my mother but I wish she was. I was born into the wrong family. I thought everyone had the same problems with their parents. But it wasn't normal and it shouldn't have happened. What can a child do that was so bad for parents to treat her like that.