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2023-02-12 19:44:00 (UTC)

The worst time of the year to break up

After I wasn't able to go to the Brazilian restaurant I started thinking where the hell in the city I could organize an anti-Valentine's Day for people like me if I didn't have so many other problems too at the moment. Then I remembered that years ago I did end up in such a place... after my ex and I had broken up in January. I knew this was going to be a problem because 1-2 months is not enough most of the time to find the new love of your life, especially if you have some healing to do after the breakup and the mistakes you didn't see you'd made through your rose-colored glasses. So I think that period of the year is probably the worst time to break up.

So, years ago I went to this place to have a strong drink and ended up crying alone in the corner. Some girls were very nice and came to talk to me. The world seems to be quite small as since then it has turned out that we have a mutual friend on Facebook and I would never have guessed they know this person. Despite that the same thing happened as always, after a few conversations we were no longer interested in each other.

So yeah, 14th February is special for me every year, just not in the same way as it is for most other people.