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My Diary
2023-02-12 20:58:53 (UTC)

For the last few days, I was ..

For the last few days, I was sick. I had food poisoning. I don't know how I got this infection. I am not fully fit. I feel weak. My husband is taking care of me a lot. He is such a sweet person. He was really busy but he postponed everything for me. In the evening, we watched a movie. He mainly watched it and I was in his embrace closing my eyes. I was thinking, about how wonderful everything is. Seriously, he is the best husband in this world. It is good that we did not wait for a long time after getting into a relationship and we got married quickly. How long you are with a person doesn't matter much. The only thing that matters: you are with the right person.
By the way, one thing I want to mention here is that the summer is coming. That's my favorite.